The Hills Group Advantage

The Hills Group has been fulfilling the dream home vision of our clients throughout Northern California for over 20 years. Based in Granite Bay, the Hills Group is an award-winning, full service, design-build custom home contractor. We’ve teamed up with the area’s finest experts to provide in-house real estate, design, construction, millwork and landscaping services. From site selection and planning through design and construction, the Hills Group team has the creativity and expertise to bring exceptional luxury homes to life.

The Benefits of Design-Build

The design-build process the Hills Group offers is one of the most efficient construction options available and allows us to pass along the benefits and cost savings to you. Consider this:

    • Streamlined Responsibility: The design-build approach means architecture, design, engineering and construction are with one firm that is unconditionally committed to the success of the project.
    • Less Stress: Eliminate the stress of having to interview, hire and work with multiple different companies and contractors, and be confident that The Hills Group can take care of all your home building needs.
    • Precision Pricing: Avoid the disappointment of a builder telling you that your architect designed a home outside your budget. A design-build team can forecast more accurate construction costs than traditional methods.
    • Value-Engineering: By designing with more efficient and cost-effective construction solutions from the start, we can maximize your budget and avoid costly mistakes in the field.
    • Higher Quality: The design-build process allows resources and attention to be productively focused on exceeding quality expectations.