The Hills Group has been fulfilling the dream home vision of our clients with award-winning, luxury homes in Northern California for over 20 years. Based in Granite Bay, The Hills Group is a full service, design-build custom home contractor offering in-house real estate, design, construction, landscaping and millwork. From site selection and planning through design and construction, our team has the creativity and expertise to bring exceptional homes to life.

Your home should be a uniquely personal statement

– Paul Hills

Award Winning Designs

The Hills Group has been recognized by leading industry groups for our designs and quality craftsmanship. Here are just a few of the awards we have received:

  • 2015 Chairman’s Award by the North State Building Industry Association (BIA)
  • 2014 Partnered with the BIA to introduce the The Showhouse at Cavitt Ranch, which showcased new design trends for the greater Sacramento region
  • 2014 Best Custom Home (over $2 million) by the BIA for Lilac Lane
  • 2012 Best Custom Home Design – California by the American Institute of Building Designers
  • 2006 Winner of 5 of the 7 awards in the BIA Dreamhome Showcase including:
    • Best Architectural Design
    • Best of Show
    • Best Kitchen Design
    • Best Landscaping
    • Best Interior Design

Our Story


The beginning

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Searching our style

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Complete Solution

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An unparalleled experience.

A home like no other.

Let us create your dream home